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Play Hamster Race Game online

Hamster Race Game

Guide the little hamster around the track by clicking the mouse.

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Play Flight of the Hamsters online

Flight of the Hamsters

Try to launch a hamster in the air, then keep the hamster in flight as ...

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Play Save the Mice online

Save the Mice

You have to help every mouse to land on the soft leaves. Save as many ...

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Play Fleabag vs Mutt online

Fleabag vs Mutt

Toss your dog bones at the pesky cat next door and hit as many times as ...

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Play The Dog Game online

The Dog Game

The objective of the game is to collect as many bones as you can before ...

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Play Fishy Game online

Fishy Game

Become the biggest fish by continuing to eat fish that are smaller than ...

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Play Bunny and Cecil Race online

Bunny and Cecil Race

Bugs Bunny has challenged Cecil Turtle to a race. You must jump over enough ...

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Play Cat Vs Dog online

Cat Vs Dog

Cat and Dog will be fighting today on the beach. Let us see who will be ...

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Play Virtual Puppy Pup World online

Virtual Puppy Pup World

Amazing virtual puppy pet game where you have to complete some tasks before ...

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Play Guinea Pig Adventure online

Guinea Pig Adventure

Charlie the guinea pig can't reach his beloved picture frame. Help the ...

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Play Wack a Guinea Pig online

Wack a Guinea Pig

Wack Guinea Pigs! But don’t hit the bombs.

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Play Mighty Spider online

Mighty Spider

Sling with your web to eat all the flies. A funny spider game. Enjoy playing ...

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Play Turtle Pool online

Turtle Pool

It's turtles matting sezon! Make them happy by finding their mate! Use ...

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Play Chimpy Turtles Jump online

Chimpy Turtles Jump

Help Chimpy to sink the turtles without falling in the water. Be sure ...

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Play Lenny The Lizard online

Lenny The Lizard

Lenny the lizard seems to be very hungry today. Help Lenny to catch as ...

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Play Crazy Cow online

Crazy Cow

Help the cow reach the barn, in shortest time possible. When the level ...

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Play African Animals online

African Animals

In this game you need to take pictures of some exotic african animals ...

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Play Hamster Rollerball online

Hamster Rollerball

Help Rhino the hamster find Bolt, rolling in his ball. Collect stars and ...

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Play Tigger - The Happy Tiger online

Tigger - The Happy Tiger

Cute and fun game with Tigger. Help the tiger jump through the clouds.

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Play Water in Africa online

Water in Africa

You need to connect the pipes so water can flow from the pump to the crops ...

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Play Jungle Jump online

Jungle Jump

Help Tarzan get over alligators and other jungle animals, and collect ...

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Play Cat Baseball online

Cat Baseball

Play baseball with the cat. Swing the bat and hit the ball.

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Play Horse Athletics online

Horse Athletics

You have 5 challenging horse themed tasks to complete.

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Play Dungfoo Donkey online

Dungfoo Donkey

Help the donkey humiliate those annoying people and force them breathe ...

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Play Albatross Overload online

Albatross Overload

Help the albatross transport the penguin as far as possible.

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Play Jerry in the Fridge online

Jerry in the Fridge

Jerry has some work to do in the fridge but Tom is trying to hit him. You ...

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Play Tom and Jerry Bowling online

Tom and Jerry Bowling

Play a nice bowling games with tom and jerry.

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Play Skunk Blaster online

Skunk Blaster

Funny skunks chain reaction game involving some skill and a bit of luck ...

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Play Dr Daisy Pet Vet online

Dr Daisy Pet Vet

You are Dr Daisy, a pet vet and you must try to cure the helpless and ...

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Play Pony Racing online

Pony Racing

Fun pony jumping game. Race your pony against a friend and see who wins. You'll ...

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Play Batman Super Dog online

Batman Super Dog

Ace the bat hound is on the job. Ignatius the iguana has launched a major ...

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Play Little Penguin Dress Up online

Little Penguin Dress Up

Dress up these cute little penguin. Penguins always look so smart in their ...

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Play Penguin Diner Game online

Penguin Diner Game

Fun penguin diner game. Move through three different locations and buy ...

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Play Winnie the Pooh Golf online

Winnie the Pooh Golf

Winnie the Pooh bear wants to play some golf with Tigger and Piglet. You ...

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Play Teddy Skateboard online

Teddy Skateboard

Play skateboard with Teddy the bear. You can also choose for Teddy a bike ...

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Play Giant Panda Virtual Game online

Giant Panda Virtual Game

Take care of the panda. In this virtual game you need to care about a ...

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Play Polar Bear Sky Jump online

Polar Bear Sky Jump

The polar bear wants to jump in the skies today. Help him jump as high ...

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Play Donald & Daisy Dress Up online

Donald & Daisy Dress Up

Baby Donald Duck and Baby Daisy need your help in this fun dress up game. ...

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Play Dolphin Olympics 2 online

Dolphin Olympics 2

Nice and fun dolphin game for kids. You must score as many points as possible ...

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Play Dolphin Olympics online

Dolphin Olympics

In Dolphin Olympics you must do tricks to score as many points as possible ...

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Play Penguin Toss Game online

Penguin Toss Game

Fun game for children. Toss the penguin as high as possible. Directions: ...

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Play Butterfly Barbie online

Butterfly Barbie

In this Barbie Butterfly game you must catch all the butterflies before ...

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Play Scooby Doo in the Pyramid online

Scooby Doo in the Pyramid

Very fun game for kids with Scooby Doo. Shaggy and Scooby Doo are lost ...

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Play Puzzle Zookeeper Game online

Puzzle Zookeeper Game

Fun zoo game for kids. Wild animals like lions, giraffes, pandas, elephants ...

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Play Bird Family online

Bird Family

Play this cute bird game and unlocked all bonuses. Gather all birds to ...

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Enjoy playing free online fun animal games. Play funny animal games online. More free games will be added soon.

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