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Play wild animal games online and ... also tell your friends ..

Play African Animals online

African Animals

In this game you need to take pictures of some exotic african animals ...

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Play Cheetahs Racing online

Cheetahs Racing

In this game you have to bet one cheetah. If that wins you got the points. ...

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Play Lion King and Crocodiles online

Lion King and Crocodiles

In this Lion King 2 game you must help Kiara save Kovu from the fierce ...

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Play Animal Hunter online

Animal Hunter

Nice animal hunting game. Use the bow to hunt birds, rabbits and other ...

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Play Little Penguin Dress Up online

Little Penguin Dress Up

Dress up these cute little penguin. Penguins always look so smart in their ...

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Play Winnie the Pooh Golf online

Winnie the Pooh Golf

Winnie the Pooh bear wants to play some golf with Tigger and Piglet. You ...

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Play The Jungle Book 2 online

The Jungle Book 2

Help Mowgli get to his friend Baloo, the bear. In the jungle there are ...

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Play Zoo Decoration online

Zoo Decoration

Nice zoo keeper game for kids. Click on items to put lions and other wild ...

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Play Puzzle Zookeeper Game online

Puzzle Zookeeper Game

Fun zoo game for kids. Wild animals like lions, giraffes, pandas, elephants ...

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Play Shark Attack online

Shark Attack

Sharks attack people. Jump from island to island and make your way to ...

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Play Shark Hunting online

Shark Hunting

Shark hunting game is about shooting the sharks that are coming on the ...

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Play Pumba Slider Puzzle online

Pumba Slider Puzzle

Pumba puzzle. Sliding puzzle game of the famous disney animated movie ...

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Play Wild Boar Hunting online

Wild Boar Hunting

Wild Boar, a pig shooting game for boys. Hunt as many Wild Boars as you ...

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Enjoy playing free online wild animal games. More free games will be added soon.

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